Prakash Jha reveals his well kept secrets on Lo Kallo Baat

Director & producer of Aarakshan, Prakash Jha, was recently present on the sets of Lo Kallo Baat. This time the viewers will catch a director not behind camera, but on camera! Host Aman Verma made a serious looking Prakash Jha enact a scene from his upcoming movie Aarakshan but in Amitabh Bachchan style. Aman Verma & the crew were rather surprised to see an otherwise serious director putting on the acting hat! Even Mr. Bachchan will be surprised to see this side of Prakash Jha…

Aman Verma was also successfully in revealing some of the director’s most well kept secret–that Prakash Jha was a head chef in a restaurant in his early days in  Mumbai… from a chef to a topnotch director, that’s amazing!. Later Jha also shared his own technique of getting confused actors to focus on their performances.

The episode will also showcase Phatakhedar news, songs with desi mix and much more…Aman who with his toli of Lo Kallo Baat brings out the best for the viewers.

Lo Kallo Baat, the extremely popular show on BIG MAGIC is warming both the hearts & homes of the people of UP, MP  & Bihar, the Hindi heartland of Hindustan, with its spicy content & super interviews. Anchor Aman Verma and his toli will every week bring a series of your favorite Bollywood stars on the show and chat & share their most hilarious moments with the viewers

So Catch the Prakash Jha doing an Amitabh Bachchan on Lo Kallo Baat on Monday at 8.30 pm only on BIG MAGIC.

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NEWS from Discovery Channel



– Discovery Channel takes a look at London’s preparation for the Olympics –


When the announcement was made for London to host the 2012 Olympic Games, it was an immense victory for Britain.  It also meant the organisers would face a number of challenges to make London 2012 the greenest and most sustainable games to date.  Discovery Channel’sexclusive programme GOING FOR GREEN – BRITAIN’S 2012 DREAMspotlightsBritain’s preparations for the world’s biggest sporting event – the 2012 Olympics.


GOING FOR GREEN: BRITAIN’S 2012 DREAMpremieres on Discovery Channel on Tuesday, July 26 at 8 p.m.


London had swayed the International Olympic Committee’s decision in its favour with a radical proposal – to hold the world’s first sustainable Olympic Games, leaving a legacy far beyond the departure of the Olympic torch. With an estimatedbudget of £8 billion, the planning of London 2012’s green Olympic dreams involvescreation of parklands, world class stadiums – a gigantic construction project that will not damage the environment, but will enhance it.


Commenting on the programme, Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager – India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “After providing viewers with a 360 degree view of the 2008 China Olympics, Discovery Channel will be incorporating unprecedented footage and unparalleled access to provide a glimpse into the extensive transformation of London for the 2012 Olympics, which includes some of the most fascinating creations ever made. Discovery Channel is proud is present the fascinating view of the mega event’s preparation.”


Discovery Channel’s programmeGOING FOR GREEN: BRITAIN’S 2012 DREAMprovidesa detailed view of the challenges faced by the city of London and the administration in building and maintaining infrastructure to support the mega-sporting event. The programme explores the cutting edge technologies used to tackle various biodiversity problems that ariseon the way to accomplishing their objectives. It also reveals a variety of obstacles faced in order to bring alive the UK’s biggest and most audacious constructions projects which range from turningsemi-derelict wasteland into prime Olympic real estate, removing more than 220 buildings and saving 90% of the materials for later re-use on the site, the clearance of 2 million square meters of land, cuttingdown more than 50 electricity pylons and burying all the powerlines deep underground in two colossal, 6 kilometer-long tunnels.


In the past, the Olympics have left a glut of stadia too big for use after the Olympic crowds have dissipated. The programme follows the architects and engineers who have set a revolutionary brief – they must embrace the temporary and build the first world-class stadium that can be partly disassembled, enabling 55,000 seats to be shipped to the next host city to be reused.GOING FOR GREEN: BRITAIN’S 2012 DREAMexplores how landscape planners are tackling biodiversity problems by designing over 100 hectares of specialist habitats and in the process mitigate London’s flood risk. The show features experts from various fields whoare collaborating to make the games a huge success and showing the way to a better, greener world.


Hear from the people behind the scenes and share their excitement, sense of responsibility, pride and dreams as they each work towards the common goal of making this the most successful and sustainable Olympic Games ever.


Some of the landmark projects include:

  • Over 4,000 new semi-mature trees are taking root in the Olympic Park and Olympic Village, which will be the largest one-off planting of its kind in the capital.
  • Covering an area of two and a half square kilometres Olympic Park would be the largest British park to be developed in more than a century.
  • New habitats for species including: otter; kingfisher; grey heron; bee; and many more.
  • Two million tons of earth to bedecontaminated.
  • Five soil-washing machines have successfully completed cleaning most of the one million cubic metres of soil contaminated with oil, petrol, tar, cyanide, arsenic and lead.
  • Over 5km of riverbanks replaced or refurbished and 30,000 tonnes of silt, gravel and other materials dredged from the rivers.
    • Includes two 50m swimming pools and a 25m diving tank
    • Curved steel structure made up of more than 2,500 sections of steelwork. Shape is designed to reflect the geometry of the cycling track, rising in height by 12m from shallowest point to the highest


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Deven Bhojani to don Paro’s look for Mrs. Tendulkar

Fashion bug has caught the members of Gangaram Godbole society and everyone is gearing to participate in various rounds to take part in Fashion show.Mrs. Tendulkar aka Deven Bhojani and Vibha aka Kishori Godbole are all set to sizzle the dance floor with a dance performance on Dola Re Dola. In the upcoming track Gangaram Godbole bank employees will be seen participating in a personality contest arranged by head office. It will have several rounds like talent round, fashion show, personality round and grand finale. During the talent round Deven Bhojani & Kishori Godbole will both be seen putting their best dance feet forward to match astounding performances of Aishwarya & Madhuri in Dola Re Dola song. It’s almost like an ode to them.

Deven Bhojani said that, “We were given themes and had to choose a song based on that theme. We decided to perform on Dola Re dola as it is a unique song and has great entertainment value. According to the theme the husband has to introduce his wife through a song and the competition is between all women contestant performing in the talent round. So it was important for me to focus on Vibha putting her best foot forward and going to the next round.”

He further said that, “It was extremely difficult as I had to wear Sari and while wrapping it I had around 80 safety pins all around me. In my wig too there were around 70 pins and I had to perform well and also keep my costume intact.”

Kishori Godbole commented, “It was so funny to see Deven get into the character of Paro. He perfected his dance steps to the tee. It was difficult as he was wearing a sari but, the grace with which he performed the sequence it was a treat to watch him perform. I was taken aback with the energy that he added to the performance and we surely did justice to the song.”

It was an exciting shoot for Deven Bhojani as his wife Jagrati who, is a trained dancer came to his help on and off the sets too. She specially took timeout to help him perfect his steps and even accompanied him on the sets to help him out.

Deven stated that, “My wife is a trained bharatnatyam dancer and has learnt folk dance from Sanjay Leela Bhansali.It was really very sweet of her  to take time out and help me on Dola Re Dola song which coincidentally is from movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.”

Watch the enthralling performance of Deven & Kishori on Dola Re Dola this Friday on Mrs. Tendulkar at 9:30 p.m. only on SAB TV

Tune in to watch Mrs.Tendulkar on SAB TV every Mon-Fri at 9:30 p.m.

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Hon. Minister for New & Renewable Energy Dr. Farooq Abdullah dedicates first Suzlon S97 wind turbine in Tejuva, Rajasthan


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The Honourable Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, inaugurated and dedicated to the nation Suzlon’s latest offering – the S97 – 2.1 MW wind turbine, in a ceremony in Tejuva, Rajasthan on Tuesday, 26th of July 2011.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Abdullah said: “Renewable energy has a critical role to play in the nation’s development – and wind energy has been one of the most important contributors in this space.

“India is today the fifth largest wind power market in the world.  It is also a leader in exporting wind turbines to mature and emerging markets. Suzlon’s S97 is another example of our nation’s leadership in this important and fast-growing sector.”

Speaking at the event, Mr. Tulsi R, Tanti, founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Group said: “This is a proud moment for us. The S97 is an enhancement of our proven S88 technology platform, and extends our reach in medium and low wind speed sites abundant in India and around the world.

“This development would not have been possible without the visionary policies and encouragement from our Central and State governments, as well as the regulatory bodies and nodal agencies. Rajasthan in particular has been a leader in driving wind power development, and we are happy to inaugurate our first S97 installation in the world here today.

“We stand proud of our contribution to the wind sector in India, the national economy, and society at large.”

 Also attending the event were, Dr. Jitendra Singh – Energy Minister, Government of Rajasthan; Sh. Sudhansh Pant – Director, Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Nigam; Sh. Nareshpal Gangwar – CMD, RRECL; Sh. B.L. Khamesra, MD, Jodhpur Discom; Sh. Chhotusingh Bhati – MLA, Jaisalmer; Sh. Saleh Mohammad – MLA, Pokhran; Sh. M P Swami – Collector, Jaisalmer District; Sh. Abdullah Fakir – Pramukh, Zilla Parishad; and Sh. Babulal Singhvi – CMD, Friends Group of Companies.

 Suzlon S9X portfolio:

The S9X suite is an evolution of Suzlon’s proven S88 – 2.1 MW technology platform, and is built around a core doubly fed induction generator-based technology. A compact and modular DFIG design allows ease of serviceability and meets the latest grid requirements for smoother wind power plant connectivity. New blade designs, with a rotor diameter of 95 meter and 97 meters, offer a larger swept area add to this with greater energy capture and power production from moderate to low wind speeds. To ensure the highest standards in quality, Suzlon’s blade testing far exceeds industry baseline by simulating total life cycle of blade (1 million cycles) in most extreme onsite conditions.

The turbines boast variable tower heights of 90 or 100 meters, leading to low cost optimization and higher power generation. The S9X turbines also comply with low voltage regulation requirements, this leads to better compliance with grid regulation. Additionally, improved sub-systems – like the new pitch and yaw systems – have increased system reliability of the machines.

Suzlon India:

Established in 1995, Suzlon is today’s India’s market leader in wind energy, contributing over 6,000 MW of the approximately 14,000 MW installed in the country today. Suzlon pioneered the end-to-end commissioning model, covering all aspects of the wind value chain from site identification, to turbine development and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, power evacuation infrastructure, lifetime maintenance and finally taking the cheque for generation revenues back to the customer.

 Suzlon in Rajasthan:

Suzlon entered the Rajasthan market in 2000, and in just over a decade captured 64 per cent market share, with installations of 1,045 MW from turbines of capacities ranging from 350 kW to 2.25 MW.  The company, as part of its concept to commissioning model, also developed power evacuation of approximately 1,155 MW with four substations already operating and three additional substations planned. Suzlon has established infrastructure to evacuate total of 1,000 MW of power in Jaisalmer district, where the company has an installed capacity of over 830 MW. The company also created more than 2,000 jobs in the state, and has a substantial CSR footprint through the Suzlon Foundation.

About Suzlon Group: The Suzlon Group is ranked as the world’s fifth largest* wind turbine supplier, in terms of cumulative installed capacity, at the end of 2010. The company’s global spread extends across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America with over 17,000 MW of wind energy capacity installed in 25 countries, operations across 32 countries, a workforce of over 13,000 and revenues of approximately US$ 4 billion. The Group offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios – ranging from sub-megawatt on-shore turbines at 600 Kilowatts (KW), to the world’s largest commercial 6.15 MW offshore turbine – with a vertically integrated, low-cost, manufacturing base. The Group – headquartered at Suzlon One Earth in Pune, India – comprises Suzlon Energy Limited and its subsidiaries, including REpower Systems SE in which the company holds ~95 per cent share. Visit us at

 Source: *BTM Consult ApS – A part of Navigant Consulting – World Market Update 2010.


Cinepolis launches Patna’s 1st Multiplex with 4 grand digital screens



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Multiplex to showcase 22+ shows every day at P&M Mall, Patliputra Industrial area


Cinépolis, the World’s 4th largest cinema chain and India’s 1st international exhibitor, today launched its 4 screen multiplex at the P&M Mall, Patliputra Industrial area, Patna. The all digital, 3-D equipped multiplex will feature more than 22 shows every day and will have a seating capacity of more than 1000 patrons.

Among the several new innovations being introduced will be the state of the art 3-D technology from Real-D®systems. Real-D®3D is the world’s most widely deployed 3-D technology and offers viewers the most enthralling 3-D movie watching experience. The theater will feature the latest in audio technology with Dolby 7.1 surround sound systems. Additionally, Patnaites can now look forward to enjoy a wide selection of movie titles ranging across Hollywood, Bollywood and selective regional content. The 4 screen multiplex   will offer more than 22 shows each day and will typically feature between 7 to 10 movies in any given week.

The cinema will be fully air-conditioned with plush seats, offering extra wide legroom and excellent screen viewing angles to ensure unparalled comfort for the patrons.  Movie patron will also be able to enjoy freshly prepared, high quality food from the concessions stands located in the spacious cinema lobby. Among some of the specialties will be the different flavors of popcorn — butter salted, caramel and cheese. Not be missed is the half-n-half mixed popcorn experience.

Marking the beginning of the cinema operations in Patna, Milan Saini, Managing Director and Country Head, Cinépolis India commented, “We applaud Mr. Prakash Jha for his vision to introduce the concept of modern shopping malls to Patna and we are excited to partner with him in introducing the first modern multiplex of the city.  With our state of the art facilities and our international standards of service excellence, Cinema patrons can now look forward to a new era of a wholesome, family based entertainment in the city.”

Commenting on the opening, Mr. Prakash Jha, Managing Director, P&M Mall said, “P&M Mall is designed and positioned to be the finest retail & entertainment destination in Patna. With Cinepolis, we are thrilled to bring one the world’s best cinema brands and the city’s 1st multiplex to our mall.

Mr. Ashish Shukla, Head – Exhibition, Cinepolis India shared, “Our multiplex will offer never experienced before choice, convenience and comfort to the Patnaites. Tickets can now be bought online on our website and at the cinema box office. We look forward to welcoming our patrons for this first of its kind of experience in the city of Patna.

The Cinépolis experience comes at an introductory price ranging between Rs. 100-180.


Tickets can be purchased from the company website www.ciné and cinema schedule can be obtained on SMS by sending ‘Cinépolis Patna’ to 53030. Further, patrons can interact with Cinepolis on Facebook at


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VIP makes a splash with its end of season monsoon sale



Style, luxury & durability is now pocket friendly at the latest End of season sale from VIP. The deals on luggage that are up on offer will redefine your travel experience with rock-bottom rates to match your budget.

This year’s end of season sale will see never before never again offers of up to 40% on trolley bags, duffels, duffel trolleys & backpacks. Expect to be pleasantly surprised at your nearest VIP outlet between the 8th of July, 2011 and the 28th of August, 2011.

The sale is across India and is available at VIP Lounges, VIP Industries multi-brand outlets and retailers. Offers are valid till stocks are in supply.



About V.I.P. Industries Ltd: 

Established in 1971, VIP Industries Ltd. is Asia’s No. 1 luggage manufacturer. Its four factories produce nearly five million pieces a year, making it the second largest producer of luggage in the world. The state-of-the-art VIP Design Lab at Nashik has to be credit several international patents and design registrations. Since inception, the company has kept in step with the changing need and taste of the discerning and quality conscious traveler. VIP Industries already has a global footprint with its products available not just across India but also all over Middle East, the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy and select African and South East Asian countries.


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St Xavier’s School wins the Bhubaneswar City Finals of ‘Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011’


St Xavier’s School wins the Bhubaneswar City Finals of ‘Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011’

~ DAV Public School Adjudged Runners Up In the City Finals ~


  • St Xavier’s School will be amongst the 80 schools all set to compete in the semi finals
  • Over 190 students from 32 schools participated from Bhubaneswar with 6 schools reaching the city finals
  • After the huge success of LBR Quiz ‘10, this year, the quiz has been launched on a much larger scale with students from 3500 schools across 80 cities participating in the Quiz
  • Young geniuses from class 8to12 to participate in the National Quiz Championship
  • LBR Quiz, 2011 is  being rolled out in three stages – Inter-school level, Semi finals & National Finals
  • Entire Initiative to be organized over an 6 month period from July to December, 2011
  • Multicity initiative launched in partnership with ‘Know & Grow with Derek’ – Derek O’ Brien, renowned quizmaster to host the National Finals
  • Limca Book of Records (LBR), 2011 celebrates 22 illustrious years and catalogues outstanding achievements of Indians across the globe and inspires and motivates today’s youth

Bhubaneswar, July 2011: St Xavier’s School today won the Bhubaneswar City finals of Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011 held at Sai International School, Bhubaneswar. The young geniuses from the St Xavier’s School in Bhubaneswar would now be amongst the 80 schools to compete in the Semi finals. Not far behind, DAV Public School emerged as the runners up. Around 190 students from 32 schools participated from Bhubaneswar out of which six schools competed in the city finals – St Xavier’s School, DAV Public School, Mother’s Public School, S.T Joseph’s High School, Sai International School and Loyola School .The winning team was felicitated by R. K. Singh, HR Manager Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Orissa. Also, present at the event were Vijay Sahu, Chairman, Sai International School, Arun Prakash, Principal, Sai International School and Keshab Swain, Limca Book of Record holder for breaking 184 whole green coconuts with his elbow in 6mins and 4 sec.

After the consecutive success of Limca Book of Records Quiz since 2008, this year the quiz is being organized in more than 3500 schools to ignite young minds and make the pursuit of knowledge an engaging yet competitive process.

The multi-city initiative is being launched in partnership with ‘Know & Grow with Derek’ and involves participation of young minds from classes 8to 12. As part of the initiative, a series of quiz competitions will be be organized in 3500 schools across 80 cities. The quiz competition is divided into four zones – North, South, East and West. The quiz is being organized in three stages – Inter-school level, Semi-Finals and National Finals, from July to December, 2011. The quiz aptly takes its lead name from the Limca Book of Records (LBR) as the record book celebrates the outstanding achievements of Indians across the globe and is a source of inspiration especially for the country’s youth.

According to R. K. Singh, HR Manager Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd,” At Coca-Cola India, we believe that education is a catalyst for nurturing talent, allowing it to develop and excel. Limca Book of Records Quiz is one such facilitator of knowledge and learning. Such competitions are a great platform for students to learn, be aware and be competitive leading to their overall personality development. Participating in the Limca Book of Records Quiz has always been an enriching experience for the students considering the quality, scope and magnitude of this event.  Having garnered an overwhelming response from schools across the country since the last 3 years, we are certain that this year too, Limca Book of Records Quiz will witness similar zeal and enthusiasm from the students. I would like to congratulate the winners of today’s competition and wish them all the best for the Zonal Finals.”

Quiz Master Extraordinaire, Derek O’Brien, and founder ‘Know & Grow with Derek’ will host the National Finals. The entire database including content, research material and quiz software is being provided by ‘Know & Grow with Derek’.

According to Derek O’Brien, Founder, “Know & Grow with Derek”, “We are once again delighted to be associated with Limca Book of Records Quiz 2011, it has indeed been a great association. Limca Book of Records Quiz is a fun and engaging way to stimulate knowledge and learning amongst students across the country. Since last couple of years, the quiz has received phenomenal response from schools and students and this year too we look forward to receiving similar enthusiasm and participation. So once again let’s all gear up for some great quizzing action.”

The national quiz competition leverages the iconic status of the Limca Book of Records which is now in its 22nd edition. The recently launched 22nd edition of the Limca Book of Records. The ‘Sports Achievers Special’  was dedicated to the outstanding performances of 15 Indian Athletes during 2010 Commonwealth Games and Asian Games and acknowledged their significant contribution  by felicitating them as ‘People of the Year’ 2011. With 20 refreshing and informative chapters, the 2011 edition of the record book celebrates over 10,000 remarkable achievements out of which 6,000 are new records, all showcasing extraordinary feats of Indians across the globe.

More about Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011

The Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011 is open to all the students from class 8 to 12who are above 12 years of age. The series has been classified into three stages:

Inter School Round

Each participating school may enter a maximum of 3 teams of 2 members each. A thirty minute written preliminary round would be administered to all the participating students. Only one team from each participating school can qualify for the stage round. The top 6 teams depending on their scores will qualify to participate in the finishing leg (stage round) of the City Finals. The team with the highest scores in the stage round would be declared as the ‘City Winner’ of Limca Book of Records Quiz, 2011.

Semi final Round

In the semifinal rounds, ‘City Winners’ would compete for the national finals. 80 teams to participate in the semifinals- Top 10 teams with a minimum of 2 teams from each zone out of a total of four zones and two top scorers from the semi-final rounds will be selected for the National Finals.

National Final

The top 10 teams from the Semifinal round will compete against each other in the National Final. Renowned quiz-master, Derek O’Brien to host the National Final.

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