Tiger Khan proves yet again that ‘Being Human’ is not just about talking by supporting BIG Green Ganesha.

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has always made headlines, be it for his love stories or his merciful deeds. After ensuring his top position as the Blockbuster Khan, this Tiger has joined hands with 92.7 BIG FM’s BIG Green Ganesha campaign which has adopted the slogan ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Dharti Mata Morya’ in a crusade to protect Mother Earth while seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The superstar with a golden heart has proved yet again by donating tons of newspaper on hearing that BIG FM was keen to help society by making a paper-mache Ganesha Idols. The superstar has proved yet again that ‘Being Human’ is not just about talking but doing too.



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Aamir Khan the Social Entrepreneur supports BIG Green Ganesha

Celebrity status comes with a baggage, but Aamir Khan who has become a messiah of sorts for the people of the country, has once again taken a bold stance against celebratory pollution by joining hands with 92.7 BIG FM’s BIG Green Ganesha campaign which has adopted the slogan ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Dharti Mata Morya’ in a crusade that protects Mother Earth while seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. This social entrepreneur, who recently concluded his much-talked about debut TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, has never shied away from showing his deep-rootedness and concern for the country and environment. In keeping with his beliefs, he has agreed to support this humble cause by contributing his share of newspapers for the making of paper-mache idols for this year’s festivity.



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Jinvani Channel takes you on pilgrimage with ‘Dharamyatra’

Jinvani Channel takes you on pilgrimage with ‘Dharamyatra’ 


”Jinvani” channel of Sea TV Network Ltd, through its show Dharamyatra, has provided a fine opportunity for Jain followers to have detailed views of all major pilgrimage sights, even being at home. Jinvani, the world first satellite channel solely dedicated to Digambar sect of Jain community, telecasts a show named Dharamyatra which brings to the viewers the complete sights of all religious places considered to be sacred in Jain religion. 

Jinvani Channel viewers can watch the famous Jain Pilgrimage sights of India from Monday-Sunday in programme Dharamyatra in three slots 9:30 hrs, 16:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs, only on Dharamyatra at Jinvani Channel.


According to Mr. Neeraj Jain, CMD-Sea TV Network, “Pilgrimages carry utmost significance when it comes to religious sentiments of the people. And in the face of this fact, the comprehensive objective of religious channel “Jinvani” could not be achieved till the pilgrimages are given due space on the screen. This documentary is produced & directed by “Jinvani” channel only. As the name implies, this show is based on Jain pilgrimages. Idea behind launching this programme was to bring to the viewers, rare sights of all sacred places of Jain history. Through this show, viewers get to have detailed sights & information of the pilgrimage besides how to reach and where to stay there, even being at home. The motto is to provide the glance of all the places considered to be pious in Jain religion”.    


For the initial episodes “Dharamyatra” have covered the places region-wise. “Jinvani” team has visited Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi & NCR. Soon the team will be visiting Southern Part of India. Few of the initial episodes includes documentary on Sammed Shikharrji which is one of the most famous and sacred places of Jain religion. Through this show, people will have detailed Darshan of their revered places, even being at home. It is an endeavor of Jinvani to gratify their spiritual pull to have a glimpse of Jain Teerths. In case, they want to visit those places ever, the show will also prove helpful in easing out their tour as through this programme, they get each & every information pertaining to the place,” further adds Mr. Neeraj Jain.  


In future, those famous Jain teerths could be seen in the show, whose Darshan is not so easy due to being long-distanced and considered to be the most significant Jain teerth from religious perspective.


So, stay tuned with Dharamyatra” only at “Jinvani” Channel through set-up boxes and also on Videocon D2H channel no. 684. 


About Sea TV Network:


Sea TV Network Limited, a BSE Listed Public Ltd Co. engaged in the business of Multi System Operator (MSO) in the city of Agra for more than 9 years. It provides entertainment to nearly 3 Lac households and a number of hotels & Business houses of the city of Taj. 

The company has ventured into the business of broadcasting and has already uplinked two of its satellite channels namely JINVANI & SEA NEWS Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. Licenses for three more satellite channels have been obtained from I&B Ministry. Under Sea Print Media & Publication Ltd, a sister concern of Sea TV Network Limited, a Hindi Daily The Sea Express-good morning, has been launched targeting A & B segment of the readers.




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Kalyani Devi has a new face!!!

Kalyani Devi has a new face!!!


Who doesn’t remember the Gaytari Chachi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? Her authoritativeness and shrill expressions, sent shivers down the nation’s spine. Post this stint there was no stopping her! And now she is back on the small screen with another graceful role in Sahara One’s Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hooga’.

Kamalika is visibly excited to essay Kalyani Devi, a character that is strong willed, control freak and dominating but at the same time incredibly urbane.  Nursing ahead the tradition of ‘Ghar-Jamai’ that has been running strong through the generations, Kalyani Devi’s ultimate aim of finding an ideal ‘Ghar-Jamai’ for her youngest daughter Angana likewise her other two daughters faces a  rebellion in the form of Aakash eventually being supported by her own daughter. The all out confrontation between Kalyani Devi and Aakash will be carried forward by Kamalika as she steps in to Kalyani’s character right at the point where Sudha steps out of it.

Commenting on this change, Sooraj Barjatya, Rajshri Productions, says, “Sudhaji is one of the very respectable and seasoned actress in the entertainment arena and has the capability to essay any character flawlessly. A through professional, from the inception she was the chosen one for the role of Kalyani Devi. Initially the role didn’t demand much of her time but as the show progressed and her character got recognized all across and the script demanded her to be in almost all the scenes. But with prior commitments to her other ongoing projects it was difficult for her to devote more time for our show. That’s when she approached us and the channel, Sahara One to mediate and find a solution. With much required help from Sahara One to resolve this issue the team decided to cast someone else to essay the role of Kalyani Devi”.

Elaborating further on the new Kalyani Devi, Sooraj Barjatya said, “Filling Sudhaji spot was something that we were dreading! Someone with such a caliber is difficult to find. It was then that acclaimed actress Kamalika Guha Thakurta was approached who gave her consent without batting an eyelid. Kamalika is equally an great actress and a renowned theatre personality. We at Rajshri and Sahara One are sure that kamalika will do equal justice to the character of Kalyani Devi”.

Sudha’s decision to quit the show came at a time when the role had just started becoming a household name. But unlike many other important actors of other shows, Sudhaji’s preference to leave the show has not burnt bridges. In other words, the decision was amicable.


Catch the new Kalyani Devi on Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga on

Sahara One at 9:00 PM on  Monday-Friday.

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