Navneet Education Ltd. launches ‘YOUVA Smartbooks’ – The Future of Everyday Stationery


Navneet Education Ltd. launches ‘YOUVA Smartbooks’ – The Future of Everyday Stationery

‘The first offline Augmented Realityapplication in the stationery segment’

Mumbai, 9th August, 2016:Today’s progressive digital age has brought about an obvious need to shift towards innovation and technology. Capitalizing on this shift, Navneet Education Ltd.,being a pioneer in the stationery industry, has gone a step further and launched ‘YOUVA Smartbooks’. A perfect combination of Navneet’s core products and advanced technology, Youva Smartbooks have been designed to portray the beauty of Augmented Realitythat work in sync with the YOUVA app (iOS, Android).The YOUVA app lets you enter the virtual space and at the same time brings you very close to the real world environment. This is the foremost offline Augmented Realityapplication in this segment designed keeping in mind the inclinations of the youth.

Just a few weeks ago, the company launched a new brand of stationery ‘YOUVA’ which caters to the young audience. The advent of ‘YOUVA Smartbooks’ aims at striking the much needed balance between tradition and technology. A revolution in the Indian world of everyday stationery, the YOUVA app will provide users a way to experience Longbooks in a way they would have never ever imagined. With the launch of YOUVA smartbooks, the brand aims to introduce innovative products that cater to the demands of the young generation inclined towards the digital space. The product acts as a stress buster, power booster& also relieves the study anxiety to some extent.

YOUVA Smartbooks are no ordinary Longbooks. With the new YOUVA app, one can turn their Smartbook into a 3D game in front of their eyes, anywhere they want! After scanning the design on the book you can play the game through the mobile application. The six different designs will have different circuits with little changes in the difficulty of playing the game.

This brings in infotainment in the best possible way for a generation of youth that is extremely passionate about gaming. Not just that, this YOUVA app will be the gateway to many more interactive games and surprises with every new series. The first in the YOUVA Smartbooks series is an A4 sizeLongbook, 140 page Smartbook. There are six variants of race cars that include Formula 1, Nascar Racing, Buggy Racing, American Muscle, Monster Truck & Sports Car that come alive when scanned through the YOUVA app.

How to run your YOUVA Smartbook into a 3D game:

  • Download the YOUVA App from App Store/Google Play
  • Open YOUVA App and create one time login via Facebook/Google Plus
  • Follow the instructions on the app and scan the front cover of the YOUVA Smartbook
  • Get, Set, Game!!!

Commenting on the launch of YOUVA Smartbooks, Mr. Shailendra Gala, Director – Stationery Division, Navneet Education Limited said, “Navneet has always worked towards empowering the youth in achieving their goals.With YOUVA Smartbooks, we have introduced a creative approach and a whole new experience to Longbooks thatalso serve as a stress buster. This product series promises innovation, learning and entertainment. We are positive that this product will appeal immensely to a generation of youth that are technologically savvy and inclined towards gaming.”

And if this sounds exciting, let us tell you, this is just the tip of the appberg. With the YOUVA app, you can trust Navneet to bring to your desk the latest in stationery and technology with every new series of Smartbooks.

About Navneet Education Ltd:

Navneet Education Limited (formerly known as Navneet Publication India Limited) was established in 1959, is an educational syllabus based content provider in print & digital medium, manufacturer of scholastic Paper stationery, publisher of general & children books and also has a wide range of Scholastic Non-Paper Stationary products. Navneet has state-of-art manufacturing facilities in Virar (near Mumbai), Guma, Dantali and Silvassa (Union Territories bordering Maharashtra and Gujarat). Over the decades, Navneet has emerged as the preferred brand for Educational Products among teachers and students in India. Its products are sold under the brands ‘Navneet’, ‘Vikas’, ‘Gala’, ‘Grafalco’, ‘FfUuNn’ and ‘Boss’.


NEL, stationery division was introduced in year 1990 and in less than a year, the division managed to strike a chord with the target audience. The company has a dominant stationery market share of about 65% in Western India. Today, with more than 500 Stock Keeping Units, Navneet is one of the largest paper stationery brands in India. NEL’s stationery division has turnover of about 300 crore. Navneet stationery is available PAN INDIA through its 915 distributor, 1112 dealers, 44207 retailers, 23 C&F and a strong team of 298 sales force. In year 2015 NEL launched its E-store called making it convenient to its user to purchase Navneet products online. The pillar of Navneet business is the quality product, excellent distribution channel, innovative cover design, product information transparency and availability.









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