Daya Shankar Pandey to enter ‘BahuHumariRajni_kant’ show as a fraud baba


Life OK’s most loved show, BahuHumariRajni_kant is doing a good job of keeping the audience entertained with its antic plot and the well etched out characters. From children to grandparents, all are loving the robotic bahu, Rajni and the mad Kant family. And to add more spice to this show is going to be the entry of another fine actor, Daya Shankar Pandey who will be seen playing the role of a fraud baba.

Daya Shankar Pandey is a renowned and an experienced actor who has been a part of over 40 movies some of which are, Ghulam, Lagaan, Swades, Gaangajal, Makdee, Maqbool, Raajneeti, etc. When asked as to what made him agree to do a role in BahuHumariRajni_kant, he said, “I have seen few episodes of rajni_kant and I really liked the concept of the show. It is a family show which entertains one and all so I feel it is the right show to connect with my audience. Also, it will be exciting to work with Rajendra Chawla as he was my senior in college and has directed me over 15 years ago”.

About his character, he said, “I haven’t started shooting yet but from what I have been informed, I play a fraud baba who enters the Kant household to extract money out of the family. However my plan fails as Rajni succeeds in exposing my scam. It is going to be a laugh riot and I am excited to work with Ridhima as I believe she is a fine actor despite Rajni_kant being her debut show. She has managed to keep the audience captivated with her portrayal of a robot bahu which I am sure is not an easy thing to do”.

Watch Daya Shankar Pandey and the Kant family from Monday to Friday at 8pm only on BahuHumariRajni_kant


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