ZEE acquires music rights Of Shailendra Singh’s Directorial Debut film


ZEE acquires music rights

Of Shailendra Singh’s

Directorial Debut film


The Sunshine Music Tours and Travelsalbum is launched in Mumbai with industry heavyweights



Mumbai. Aug 8, 2016


Shailendra Singh has had Bollywood buzzing after the movie trailer release of his directorial venture: Sunshine Music Tours and Travels (SMTT). Now, the music arm of India’s leading television, media and entertainment company – Zee Music Company – has acquired the music rights to the film and launched the SMTT album right here in Mumbai.

Industry stalwarts and superstars of the Bollywood entertainment -Farah Kahn, RohitDhawan, Salim-Sulaiman, Vishal-Shekhar and SajidWajid –united at the music launch to celebrate the film, and the first time Director.

SMTT– releasing on Sept 2, 2016 – is the world’s first fictional EDM brand film. Documentaries about music festivals abound, but never before has the storyline of a full-length, fictional film been inspired by and revolved around a dance music festival. In keeping with its true spirit, the musical soundtrack of the film comprises of youth-centric, trendy and international quality songs. (List attached)

“It’s a really young, fresh mix of Bombay to Goa and ZindaginaMilegiDobara”, Shailendra quips, “With a funky music mix of Rang de Basanti emotions and a Sunburn beat.”

Besides launching Sunny Kaushal as the lead – Vicky Kaushal’s talented younger brother – it’s no surprise that the Shailendra also sourced fresh, young talent for his movie album. In the very first film that he ever produced and released in Bollywood – Pyaar Mein KabhiKabhi (PMKK) – Shailendra debuted over 170 new talents. This included Vishal-Shekhar and SalimSulaiman – who are now forces to be reckoned with! Vishal-Shekhar’s journey has led them from PMKK through Om Shanti Om,Student of the Year and on to the recent blockbuster, Sultan.SalimSulaiman have produced award winning work for films like Dhoom, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodhi and Kriish. PMKK in 1999 also saw the launches of Shaan – with the song ‘MusuMusuHasi’ – and Mahalaxmi – with ‘Tumne Na Humse’.

While debuting as writer and Director, Shailendra Singh launches the dynamic duo of Adam & Eddie, who have created an album which is true to the young, hip travelling film. Together, they have also had the guts to be able to re-record – with a deep, Indian soul – the massive blockbuster You are My Sunshine, by Johnny Cash. “I can guarantee this song especially is going to be stuck in everyone’s head, and on the tips of their tongues,” says Shailendra.

The other hot Adam & Eddie original tracks to watch out for are: Main JeeRahaHoon, Chamdi Boys and Na Ho Paayi. A particular favorite of the Sunny Kauhsal’s is the catchy and mellow, Phir se UddChala.

As usual, SMTT has maintained the tradition of having a promotional add-on track. Close friend and collegue of Shailendra Singh, SajidWajid Khan – the Bollywood superstar Brothers – have done a track called, ‘No Sex Please’, which will be subsequently unveiled.

“Each and every song in Sunshine Music Tours and Travels is especially written and designed to advance the screenplay,” says the passionate Director. “It’s a traveling film, so each track guides us all along this epic roadtrip from Kashmir to Goa, from being strangers to finding friendship and from dreaming big to realizing and living that dream.”



Sunshine Music Tours and Travels

Album Track List:



Main JeeRahaHoon

Composer:                      Adam & Eddie

Singer:                               Anish Nair

Lyricist:                             SiddantKaushal



Phir se UddChala

Composer:                      Adam & Eddie

Singer:                               SiddartBasrur

Lyricist:                             SiddantKaushal



Chamdi Boys

Composer:                      Adam & Eddie

Singer:                               JaspreetJasz

Lyricist:                             SiddantKaushal



Na Ho Paayi

Composer:                      Adam & Eddie

Singer:                               AnandBhaskar

Lyricist:                             SiddantKaushal



No Sex Please Remix

Composer: Adam & Eddie

Singer:                               Sajid and Sonia Birje

Lyricist:                             Sajid






More about Sunshine Music Tours and Travels:


In what is billed to be a spectacular blend of happening music, epic travel andirresistible fun, Sunshine Music Tours and Travels (SMTT) is the first full-length feature film to be written and directed by Shailendra Singh.

While it is his Directorial Debut, Shailendra is no stranger to the film industry. As one of Bollywood’s most prolific Producers, he has produced and released over 72 feature films and 2000 ad films in his 30 year career. He is also credited with launching the careers of many of Bollywood’s hottest talents.

In SMTT, Shailendra launches as his lead, Sunny Kaushal – the younger brother of last year’s hottest debut, Vicky Kaushal. Shailendra says, “Excited to play a role in our SMTT journey, MrSham Kaushalalso came on board as Action Director to choreograph Sunny’s gritty, urban fight scene. Sunny is afocused and emotive actor, and sure to be a big hit with the ladies, as well.”

But the Director says that the real hero of the film – produced by Hayre Entertainment – is actually the notion that ‘dreams really do come true’, if you want them bad enough. The story is based around a group of young and trendy strangers from very diverse backgrounds, who come together in order to chase after one very big dream. “There are about 14 unique, charming characters,” says Shailendra. “Each person in the audience will fall in love with a different crazy, mad character.”

Both the teaser launch and the official trailer launch of SMTT on July 25th have seen massive industry support for both the film and its Writer/Director. Mr Nana Patekar was the guest of honor for the event, as friend and supporter of Shailendra and the star lead, Sunny Kaushal. Online, industry favorite like Shahid Kapoor and Varun Dhawan shared the teaser, while even Rajdeep Sardesai sent his congratulations to the Debut Director.


The film releases in theaters on Sept 2, 2016.


For more information, please contact:

PR:                          Ebrahim Contractor. 9819948749.


Marketing:            Rahul Badesra. 9167992505.

Rahul@guestlistevents.inSajid Ali, Rohit Dhawan, Shailendra Singh, Farah Khan, Adam and Eddie at the music launch of SMTT.JPG


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