Coaches Shekhar, Shaan and Neeti to pay special tribute to our brave heroes this Independence Day

Shekhar, Neeti and Shaan 

Coaches Shekhar, Shaan and Neeti to pay special tribute to our brave heroes this Independence Day


With Independence Day around the corner, the entire nation is gearing up for a grand celebration on 15th August. On this magnificent occasion, coaches of &TV’s The Voice India Kids will be seen paying tribute in a melodious way.


The trio is being appreciated by the viewers for their effervescent chemistry will be seen performing the song ‘India Wale’ from the movie ‘Happy New Year’. They will be seen setting the stage on fire with their performance and staying true to the occasion, the entire stage will be seen filled with tri-colors.

Speaking about Independence Day episode, Shekhar said, “It’s a special episode today on The Voice India Kids. This Independence Day, I am proud to see how far we’ve come as a nation. We’re the largest democracy in the world and with that comes great responsibility. We need to rise above our differences and instead of climbing over each other, assist each other in reaching greater heights. With the kind of unimaginable talent and intellectual power that our children have, the future is brighter than ever for our nation. We just need to break away from the chains of discrimination and free our minds and open our hearts to the sheer possibilities if we unite as one.”


“We have this tendency of not valuing things we get easily. I would just say that after numerous sacrifices we have got freedom, so let’s respect the sacrifices and value the independence which we are enjoying today.  Our responsibility should not end here. Try to pass on the same learnings to our next generations so that they also value independence as much as we or older generation did. Last but not the least spread love and use it as your weapon to make the world a better place”, said Shaan.


Neeti added, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our freedom fighters. If not for them India wouldn’t have been a democratic country. This Independence day, we should strive to value, guard and love our nation and work towards preserving our diverse cultures, democratic values and gender justice. Today entire world is looking at India in a positive light and our country is in the fast lane of growth.”


Don’t forget to watch the act of this talented trio on The Voice India Kids, Sat & Sun, 9 pm, only



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